Major Characters:


Pronouns: he/they

Age: 16

A child of the Sachuat-Nuii clan. Sao’s only goal is to return his abducted clan to their secluded mountain. His quiet and distant demeanor hides deeper conflicts.

Theme Song: Pure Cinema – Thao & the Get Down Stay Down


Pronouns: he

Age: 15

Ira comes from a small town of Thyu off the coast of Bieen (kingdom). Young and idealistic, Ira’s dream is to leave his town, enlist in the army, and “be somebody.”

Theme Song: Wave of Mutilation – The Pixies


Pronouns: she/they/he

Age: 21

Sao’s sister, who was banished from the Sachuat-Nui’i clan 4 years before the start of the story.

Theme Song: Tsumi To Batsu (Crime and Punishment) – Sheena Ringo


Pronouns: he

Age: 22

The king who united the Omoio clan after two centuries of civil war, creating the powerful Mytian kingdom. How did he do it?

Theme Song: Solara – The Smashing Pumpkins


Pronouns: She

Age: 16

A child of the Cha’ka clan, Rang is on a quest for vengeance against the raider known as “the Black Hare”. Oh, she’s also a werewolf.

Theme Song: Santigold – I’m a Lady