Hi everyone!
I said that Sao would return in March, but it’s taken me till now to resume writing due to some life changes. Sao will return, for real, on May 1st! Thanks for your patience.

In addition, I made a small change to Ira’s introduction in Chapter 1 page 10 to 12. Just adding to his character and world building which will be relevant in the coming chapters. Check it out

Last but most importantly, I am one of 23 Vietnamese artists who are collaborating with the Queer-Vietnamese-run Vanguard Zine to fundraise for 3 Palestinian families trying to evacuate Gaza. The effort is lead by Ly Nguyen who’s in direct contact with the families. Anyone who donates $100 will receive an art package featuring prints of our work. We have raised over $6000 so far. Please support and donate